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New artist name and stuffz

2010-12-13 22:56:52 by japetheape

I'm starting out with my new name in trance music, Renairity. I will begin uploading under that name. You can find me at these places ( - - - y/180243378653639). I will still upload here, but very rarely from now on, only when the songs feel unfitting to Renairity's style. Add me as a contact on those websites if you want to stay in touch. Thank you everyone for past support and criticism.


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2010-12-14 02:02:56

You could make a separate account here for Renairity?
In the past Tom has expressed a distaste for people using Newgrounds simply as a medium for them to direct people to other sites they use. st/537510

Then look down to his reply to the 4th comment (EyeLovePoozy) on the post

japetheape responds:

I have contributed a lot to newgrounds so I don't see what a little shameless self promoting can harm :P, and I will still upload songs here, just not at the same rate as usual due to me having to work on other stuff. I see what his point is, but its not just like I posted my soundcloud and told people to go to it. I'm just updating people/fans and showing them where they can continue to follow my new artist if they choose to.


2010-12-14 11:12:09

It's not that you haven't contributed, it's that you abuse the front page that he gives you just to get some more traffic D':


2010-12-14 13:32:23

Newgrounds is my home I don't need another :)


2010-12-14 14:04:50

Seems like a reasonable compromise I suppose. Although I do agree with FrozenFire :)

Best of luck to you sir!


2010-12-25 15:21:30

Merry Christmas!